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R0 reproduction number
The Omicron’s basic reproduction number (R0) has been close to 20 or higher.
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PRNT plaque reduction neutralization test
Sera testing positive on ELISA were also tested for the presence of neutralizing antibodies using a surrogate virus neutralization (sVNT) and plaque reduction neutralization test (PRNT).
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RT real-time
The existence of variants was monitored by the presence or absence of a fluorescence signal, which was translated into a sigmoidal graph using a real-time (RT)-PCR machine.
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VOI Variants of Interest
Various Variants of Concern (VOC) and Variants of Interest (VOI) with higher transmissibility and infectivity are detected around the globe among which Nepal is also at high risk stage.
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DFT density-functional theory
The present study explores the efficacy of plant-derived natural products (PDNPs) against spike glycoproteins (S-glycoprotein) of SARS-CoV-2 variants using molecular docking, ADMET, molecular dynamics (MD) simulation and density-functional theory (DFT) analysis.
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RMSE root mean square error
Four statistical metrics are employed to quantify the model's performance, including the correlation coefficient (CC), normalized absolute error (NAE), normalized root mean square error (RMSE) and distance between indices of simulation and observation (DISO).
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TCID tissue culture infectious dose
2 log reduction in viral viability as measured by the tissue culture infectious dose (TCID) assay, with 1-3 log viable virus detected on dry swabs after 7 days.
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ADAR adenosine deaminase acting on RNA
There was an increase in UC substitutions associated with adenosine deaminase acting on RNA (ADAR) activity uniquely observed during Epoch 4.
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TNI totally no inventions
In China, enormous controversies exist regarding the “dynamic zero tolerance” (DZT) and “totally no inventions (TNI) strategies for preventing the spread of the Omicron variant.
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USV US Veterans
Methods Retrospective chart review of US Veterans (USV) with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection who received mABs from 9/1/2021 to 2/28/22 at Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center.
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