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COVID-19-related school closures and patterns of hospital admissions with stress-related presentations in secondary school-aged adolescents: weekly time series
This study examines health service indicators of stress-related presentations in adolescents of secondary school age, using Hospital Episode Statistics data for England. Prior to the pandemic, hospital admissions relating to manifestations of stress in secondary school-aged adolescents were positively correlated with term times.Reference Blackburn, Ajetunmobi, Mc Grath-Lone, Hardelid, Shafran and Gilbert2 Stress-related presentations are those relating to pain, mental health or psychosomatic symptoms.
SourceBritish Journal of Psychiatry -
Aug 25, 2022 1
Causes, characteristics, and patterns of prolonged unplanned school closures prior to the COVID-19 pandemic—United States, 2011–2019
The association between selected characteristics and school closures of ≥6 days among all schools with PUSCs was assessed using schools as the unit of analysis. Student-days lost to prolonged unplanned school closures per 1,000 students per year, by state, United States, 2011–2019a.
Jul 29, 2022 1