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MIS-C multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children
Published hypervariable region V-beta T cell receptor (TCR) sequences were collected from people with severe COVID-19 characterized by having various autoimmune complications, including blood coagulopathies and cardiac autoimmunity, as well as from patients diagnosed with the Kawasaki disease (KD)-like multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C).
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CNS central nervous system
Therefore, we would like to present our analysis of a new case of SARS-CoV-2 patient, who was characterized by acute damage to central nervous system (CNS) and severe meningitis.
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SPSS Statistical Package for the Social Sciences
Data was analysed using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) software version 21.0.
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SEM Structural equation modeling
Structural equation modeling (SEM) and discriminant analysis were used to identify direct and indirect determinants of VH.
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KD Kawasaki disease
Protein–Protein Interactions (PPIs) among the products of the mutated genes revealed an integrated network, enriched for immune and inflammatory response mechanisms with some of the direct partners representing gene products previously associated with MIS-C and Kawasaki disease (KD).
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MIS multisystem inflammatory syndrome
We searched databases including PubMed, Scopus, Google Scholar, Medline, and Elibrary and found no case study on meningitis caused by SARS-CoV-2 in children, so our analysis might be accepted as a unique clinical case of acute hydro meningitis associated with multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS) in a 10-year-old child with a severe form of SARS-CoV-2.
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CSS cytokine storm syndrome
Abstract Background We recently identified DOCK8 as a novel gene associated with cytokine storm syndrome (CSS).
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CF cystic fibrosis
Patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) are a risk group for a severe course of respiratory viral diseases.
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RM respiratory mycoplasmosis
This article presents an observation of 37 children with COVID-19 in combination with respiratory mycoplasmosis (RM), the purpose of which was to identify the features of the course of combined infections compared with monoinfections.
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APTT Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time
Coagulation parameters like Prothrombin Time (PT), Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT), International Normalised Ration (INR), D-dimer were taken.
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