The effectiveness of the development of multi-platforms-based disaster risk reduction learning media to manifest Sekolah Siaga Covid-19
School closures during covid-19 are predicted to impact the quality decrease of graduates in the future permanently. This condition is exacerbated by the lack of public awareness of disaster risk reduction (DRR). Moreover, Disaster risk reduction management must be a priority agenda for all parties. The reactive response needs to be shifted to a proactive response to make the impact more effective. Proactive management of disaster risk reduction requires more participation from various institutions, such as government, non-government and private, and public participation. This training aims to improve teachers' knowledge, skills, and attitude toward using multi-learning platforms. The training effectiveness is measured by the gain normality test of one group pre-test and post-test design applied in research syntax to 22 students. The study results in that 1) training can improve teachers' knowledge, skills, and attitude to integrate non-natural disaster risk reduction in learning with an average of 0,33 N-Gain increases in the medium category. 2) training can improve teachers' knowledge, skills, and attitude to integrate learning multi-platforms, which increases N-Gain of 0,59 in the medium category. This research, in this regard, recommends that school is likely a place to develop a sustainable, structured, and systematic Covid-19 disaster risk reduction program.
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