Online mentoring of medical students during COVID-19 pandemic: Another new normal
Objectives: To determine the impact of online mentoring sessions on the students during the pandemic time.
Methods: The cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted at Bahria University Medical and Dental College, Karachi. The total study duration was 5 months from March 2021 to July 2021. Quantitative research design was used. Categorical data was scored on a three point Likert scale (1= ‘Disagree’, 2= ‘Neutral’ and 3= ‘Agree’). Frequencies and percentages were calculated to determine the impact of online mentoring.
Results: Sixty two percent of 2nd year MBBS students were of the opinion that online mentoring was helpful as compared to 58% 1st year and 50% 3rd year students. Students were anxious while sharing their issues online. A total of 61.66% were eager to have classes on campus as compared to online as learning difficulties were felt in 70%, 77% and 81% of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year classes respectively. Of the 1st year 39%, 2nd year 46% and 3rd year 32% showed relief after the mentoring session but were in favor of face to face sessions. Technical issues were faced by 54% 1st year, 66% 2nd year and 64% 3rd year students.
Conclusion: The study suggested that students were overall satisfied with the online mentoring sessions. They do have certain apprehensions like privacy and confidentiality issues but on the whole, they considered this medium as being a powerful one in times of the pandemic.
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